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David Brandon Geeting — Infinite Power (Special Edition)

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Infinite Power is a juxtaposed composition of visual engaging objects, staged still lifes and portraits. There are trees, household items, people's pets, friend's faces. Very commonly seen items are displayed both in their solitary, natural states as well as transformed by the other things that occupy their shared frame. Geeting's personal photographic style is heavily influenced by the clean, commercial work he produces. With very different intents, the images found in Infinite Power encourage the viewer to deeply engage with an object—question it's use and how or why they see it a certain way. In the books foreword, Christopher Schreck eloquently discusses Geeting's style, content and the overall editing involved with this book's creation.

Screen Printed Perspex Box includes:

(1) Copy Infinite Power
(1) Digital C Print
(1) Certificate

Signed & Numbered
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